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Access Travel CEO’s downtime hobby revealed

Angely Dub, founder and CEO of Access Travel, recently offered a peek at her downtime hobby on Instagram.

Forget Netflix binges or leisurely walks in the park. Dub uses her free moments to explore new travel destinations – virtually, that is. This time, her online travels landed her on the Emirates Airlines website, specifically the Iraq homepage.

“It’s my go-to activity to discover destinations I haven’t visited yet,” Dub revealed in her caption. “And Iraq just happens to be one of those intriguing places!”

Intriguing indeed. Dub surprised many with her travel inspiration, highlighting that Iraq is now open for tourism and that Access Travel has the connections to make it happen.

“My dream destinations have taken a dramatic turn!” she exclaimed. “The transformation of Iraq over the past decade has been incredible.”

“I’m excited to see firsthand, experience, and stand amongst the historical sites I only read about in books!” she shared.

Milyonaryo | Latest News