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Access Travel CEO to PRA: Create your own content and stop using ours

Angely Dub, entrepreneur and founder of Access Travel, publicly called out the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) for using marketing materials from her other venture, Explora Ahora, without permission.

On her Instagram account, Angel revealed that friends had informed her about the unauthorized use of their content by the agency. “The Philippine Retirement Agency is using our Explora content and my videos without asking me. They are promoting the Philippines in their Makati office, and my face is literally everywhere, including my friend Ana Mae and others in the videos.”

Dub criticized the unprofessionalism and expressed her frustration: “They’re a government agency; they have money, power, and resources to create their own content. I am used to small agencies taking my photos and videos to sell, but with this, I don’t get it.”

A friend of Dub’s also confirmed the use of actual photos and videos in the PRA office, saying, “A friend of mine shared this with me today because she was in their office.”

Dub concluded with a plea: “Philippine Retirement Authority—please create your own content and don’t use our work to promote the Philippines.”

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