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A year and a half later: RJ Ledesma’s continuing journey of healing

Entrepreneur RJ Ledesma reflected on the concept of time, particularly in light of his father’s passing.

Taking to his Facebook account, RJ marked what would have been his father’s 80th birthday.

Despite a year and a half having passed, he expressed that the void left by his father’s absence remains ever-present.

RJ shared poignant snapshots of the family’s recent visit to his father’s grave, commemorating the occasion with a brief ceremony. Among the images was a touching moment featuring the three generations of Renes together.

“Always the three Renes, dad. Always. Rene Sr., Rene Jr., and Rene III. Oh, how I wish we could have celebrated together this year as you turned eighty and I turned fifty. But God had different plans for you and our family. Now, you serve as an intercessor, watching over us from above. Please continue to pray for us, as we do for you.”

RJ admitted how he will always be his dad’s boy. “But oh how I wish I could hug you again and tell you how much I love you, dad. Happy 80th birthday, Rene Ledesma! I love you and miss you very much.”

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