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A new era of green delivery: Mober Technology introduces the XL Electric Van

By Eileen Mencias

Businessman Dennis Ng’s Mober Technology Pte Inc., a local logistics firm pioneering green technology, has marked a new milestone with the official registration of its XL Electric Van with the Land Transportation Office.

The XL Electric Van is 100% electric, has a range of 250 kilometers, and is ready to cruise the roads of Makati City and BGC. It has a payload capacity of 1.41 tons, less than the 2.7-ton capacity of its six-wheelers.

Consequently, because it is a smaller vehicle, it may no longer be covered by the P600-fee charged by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority to trucks delivering in BGC.

“This electric van is more than just a new vehicle in our fleet—it symbolizes Mober’s dedication to innovation and our proactive approach to environmental responsibility. We’re not just delivering goods: we’re delivering a cleaner, greener future,” said Ng, Mober founder and CEO.

Mober recently launched its IKEA collection Hub in Cebu City where people can relax at the Customer Lounge while picking up their IKEA finds. Mober has also started IKEA deliveries in Davao City and Iloilo.

For Ng, seeing Mober’s electric delivery trucks on the streets fills him with a deep sense of pride and awe. Those moments remind him of the challenging and exhilarating journey of watching it develop from just plans on the drawing board into reality.

“It’s not just about the trucks or the technology; it’s about the impact we’re making. Our journey is a testament to innovation, persistence, and the drive to make a difference,” he said.

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