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A new chapter: Manny and Pie Calayan ’s relationship update

Dermatologists and skincare experts to celebrities, Manny and Pie Calayan, have confirmed their separation.

In an interview, Dr. Manny shared the news, saying “Before the pandemic, in 2019, around August, we went our separate ways. The kids are happier now that we’re in this situation rather than constantly quarreling and misunderstanding each other.”

He added that they ended the relationship amicably and parted ways civilly.

Despite the separation, Manny said that they remain business partners. “Yes, I’m still in business with her. We’re just business partners now. We’re no longer together. We’re in a civil union. We’re still at the clinic, everything’s the same. We’re still running it, but at different times. We don’t cross paths anymore,” he said.

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