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A love affair with Baguio: David Ong and family’s attachment to the city

David Ong and his wife Janelle Krystle Ong have always had a special connection to Baguio, where they exchanged their vows.

But now, the city has become more than just a place with sentimental value. It has become a second home to their family, with their baby enjoying the city.

Recently, they had a delightful lunch with other parents and their little ones. It’s heartwarming to witness families gathering in a place that holds such significance for David and Janelle. It’s not surprising that Baguio has become an important place for their family, with its rich culture, awe-inspiring vistas, and warm community.

Baguio is the perfect place for families to make memories and form long-lasting bonds.

Milyonaryo | Latest News