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64% of Pinoys embrace online betting

Online betting is a fast-growing industry and the Philippines is no exception.

According to a survey of Capstone-Intel Corp., 64% of Pinoys engage in online betting.

The survey was conducted from May 1 to May 11, involving 1,200 respondents aged 18 to 65 from 17 different regions. All are aware of online betting.

Some 66% of the respondents aged between 18 to 40 engage in online betting while majority of those aged 61-65 have not engaged in online betting.

Some 51% of the respondents were male and 49% were female. Among the males, 70% are interested in online betting. For females, only 56% are interested.

Of the 773 respondents who have done online gambling, 30% said they engage in it twice or thrice a week, 22% said they do it once a month, and 20% said they do it once a week.

Capstone-Intel Corp. said respondents engage in different kinds of online betting: 26% are into e-casinos, 26% are into online bingo, and 24% are into online gaming. Among the most visited online betting websites are eGames (38%), OKbet (25%), Bet88 (24%), and eSports Bet (20%).

Some 39% do online betting to test their luck and 32% do it to earn quick money. Some 69% of the respondents said they spend less than P1,000 in online betting while 3% bet between P5,001 to P10,000. Some 20% spend P1,001 to P3,000 and 6% said they bet between P3,001 to P5,000.

“One major contributor to its growth is the increasing accessibility and convenience of online platforms for betting. With the widespread availability of internet access, bettors can easily place their bets from anywhere, at any time, using their desktop or mobile devices,” Capstone-Intel director for research and publications Ella Kristina Domingo-Koronel said.

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