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2 Generations of Girl Bosses: Sheila, Mandy, and Milka’s empowering photoshoot

Sheila Romero, a trailblazing mother, posed alongside her daughters, Mandy and Milka, for a powerful photoshoot to celebrate International Women’s Month.

In the photo, the three women exuded confidence and strength, symbolizing the collective power of women in achieving success.

Milka, a young CEO and founder of her own company, shared the photo on her Instagram, greeting her followers a Happy Women’s Month.

Meanwhile, Sheila serves as the chairperson and president of GlobalPort, while Mandy leads the way in her own field, spearheading Pung To Lumad, a handicrafts shop that supports Lumad schools and students in the Philippines.

These girl bosses are using their platforms to inspire and uplift women everywhere.

Milyonaryo | Latest News